Nano and Hydrophobic Coating

Nano and Hydrophobic coatings for a better world

We can offer advanced protective coatings that aid the removal of dirt and speed up the dispersion of condensate.

Nano coating

A Nano coating prevents water droplets adhering to the surface of the fin or tube this will aid in removal of dirt by keeping the fin free from debris.

The investment in Bronz-Glow can be recovered in less than one year.

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What is the definition of hydrophilic and hydrophobic?

Materials with a special affinity for water — those it spreads across, maximizing contact — are known as hydrophilic. Those that naturally repel water, causing droplets to form, are known as hydrophobic.

A non-coated coil has high surface tension and can cause water carryover restrict air flow on very closely spaced fins this is most relevant on adiabatic systems which cooling is dependant on evaporation and air flow

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